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feeling the distance

a collaborative international mail art project

The project begins with the following invitation:

"Dear ____ ,
I am writing to request your participation in a project that will physically record the impact of traveling the distance between us.
A box constructed of wallboard containing a single stone will be shipped from my current location to your address. As the stone freely moves inside the space of the box, it will mark the interior with evidence of its travel between us. It is important to preserve the interior through the entire journey, so I kindly request that you do not open the wallboard container but simply send the package back for its return journey. When the work is returned to me, I will open the box, treat the surface of the interior, and display the resulting evidence of the stone's journey through the courier system. Thank you for your consideration and hope to be corresponding with you soon.”

Materials: drywall, brown paper, stone, postage, graphite.

So far, twenty-two 8” x 8” x 8” blank drywall spaces each containing a single stone have been shipped to the following locations:

Duluth, MN
New York, NY
Lawrence, KS
Detroit, MI
Indianapolis, IN
Charleston, SC
Los Angeles, CA
Indianapolis, IN
Amman, Jordan
New Orleans, LA
Nantes, France
Devon, UK
Berlin, Germany
Chicago, IL
Tokyo, Japan
Port Richey, FL
St. Paul, MN
Indianapolis, IN
Denver, CO
Stuttgart, Germany
Bucharest, Romania
New South Wales, Australia